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Log houses, saunas, sheds, barns, granaries, pavilions, garden furniture, well formworks, swings, etc. can be manufactured of logs.

We have two production sites - Koonga and Parila. The Koonga plant gave its first production in 2001, the Parila plant in 2005.
All our craftsmen were trained at Koonga.
All the buildings and log constructions are handmade without any exceptions. We always take into consideration our clients' wishes, thickness and length of the logs, size of the house, and its future location.
Due to handwork and as each log is unique, each house is original and differs from the others.
The construction of a log house starts from the supply of logs. The quality of the raw material is one of the most essential factors for durability of a house. To ensure durability of the houses built by us, we have developed new standards and found regular suppliers of logs.

You can find our log houses in Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and Finland. 70 % of our production is exported, which proves the high quality of our products.

Enjoy your life in a natural and environmentally friendly log house built by us, which is warm in wintertime and pleasantly cool in summer time!